Brehan ToddAs a creative force, designer and stylist Brehan Todd has built her career around her own unique point of view. Brehan Todd Jewelry has a strong foundation in design perspective, sustainability, and community. As one of the most recent emerging designers, Brehan has become known for her celebration of exuberant color, bold statement jewelry and creative use of mixed media.

This eclectic line is a bold approach to modern design using mostly vintage materials. These signature feminine designs attract women and men of all ages. From hidden lockets to sparkling Swarovski crystals,  and enigmatic cicadas, Brehan Todd mixes vintage elements with ethically-sourced pieces to create a well-priced, eye-catching line that has a dedicated following.

Though now located in Portland, Oregon, Brehan Todd began forming her niche in the fashion industry in New York in 2002. Brehan’s sense of style and the evolution of her line has not gone unnoticed. She has been featured in well-known blogs and publications around the world. Jewelry by Brehan Todd can now be found in specialty boutiques around the United States and as far away as Durban, South Africa. Each year, the company is growing to reach higher goals and continues to provide the most beautiful, sustainable, handmade jewelry.


About The Designer 

Brehan was born in Montana and spent her childhood time divided between being outdoors and in dance training. Her fascination with dancing and her love for costumes and fantasy created the intial spark of creatie interests.  She began dancing and drawing avidly at the age of three. Even at such a young age, she loved to sneak into the dressing room of the principal dancers and watch the magical transformation of everyone getting ready for a show.  Later, this led to finding a similar thrill in working behind the scenes at fashion week in New York and other fashion events. This exposure and inspiration, is evident in her designs sophisticated, elegant designs today.
In 2002, Brehan began studying Fashion Design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. It was challenging in the beginning. Brehan came to New York with  hardly any sewing or design education, and a dream. She adapted well, and was eventually recognized for her design talent.  During her second year at FIT, Brehan was invited into the exclusive fashion illustration design program. During this year she studied under accomplished fashion illustrator, Stephen Stipelman and developed her talent and love for fashion illustration. Later she was selected by Sass Brown, professor, designer and author to work within a program that united photography students and design students to prepare graduation portfolios together. This helped students to connect with the photography and editorial proccess. During her fourth year, she finished her studies with a thesis runway and illustration presentation, under the guidance of epic designer, Derek Lam. Brehan officially entered the New York fashion scene. She began working in textile, fashion and accessories design, while finishing her education. During this time, she explored the city and fell completely in love with it. She found herself getting particularly fascinated with the architecture and explosion of art, as well as all of the amazing flea markets and vintage shops. She began collecting trinkets and costume jewelry, kept in a decorated vintage tin, during her travels, with the idea of them being different or special and to be saved for something in the future. It wasn't until well after graduating from FIT, that she decided to create her first necklace with this little collection of ephemera, including a small piece of lace left over from an early corsette design, a celluloid toy of two figures dancing, some hand painted recycled silk parachute ribbon, a tiny gold spider and a vintage button given to her by her mother. This led to the creation of the first line of one of a kind jewelry, which was sold by a little boutique in Missoula, Montana, Brehan's home town, where she grew up.
After much exploration and research and development, the Brehan Todd label was officially created in Oregon in 2009. The Brehan, is constantly evolving and continues to maintain and improve the sustainability of the business and her life. By using natural, reclaimed and vintage materials, she is able to create high quality, contemporary, wearable art, with little need for the earth’s finite resources. All materials are sourced locally whenever possible, minimal waste is created. Packaging materials are made of recycled paper. All aspects of the business are directed to support and contribute to Portland, Oregon as well as the world's need for support of social and climate change. Her love of design, politics, art, music design and detail is evident in everything she does in life and in work. Her sense of iconic style,enthusiasm, creativity and boundless talent are admired by fans and followers around the world.