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Experience the exhilaration of the rodeo captured through the lens of renowned photographer Jonathan Ryan Taylor in this editorial photoshoot I styled and art directed. This riveting session showcases the authentic cowboy spirit embodied by Ramontay MacConnell, a skilled rodeo bull rider. Drawing inspiration from the iconic style of Nike streetwear, the images seamlessly blend athleticism, lifestyle and Western tradition,

 Every frame tells a story of determination, strength, and the indomitable cowboy spirit. This captivating visual narrative, carefully curated and directed by me, fuses the rugged allure of rodeo with the modern aesthetics synonymous with Nike.

Explore the powerful intersection of sports and style in this unique collaboration, where each detail, from the meticulously chosen wardrobe to the strategic composition of shots, reflects a seamless blend of Western tradition and contemporary athletic inspiration. Step into the world of the rodeo with MacConnell and experience the artistry of Jonathan Ryan Taylor through a lens that captures not just a photoshoot but a compelling story.

Photography- Jonathan Ryan Taylor

Art direction + Styling by Brehan Todd

Models- Ramontay MacConnell


Embark on a visual journey that delves deep into the psychology of color and the intricate tapestry it weaves into our emotions and personalities. This editorial fashion photoshoot is an exploration of hues and moods, meticulously curated and directed by me.

In this exploratory series, we engaged three distinct models, each a canvas of personal expression, posing questions that unveiled their unique relationships with color and botanicals. From vibrant yellows to calming lavender, we discovered the intimate connections between the models and their chosen shades, unraveling the threads of emotion woven into every outfit.

To enhance this immersive experience, we collaborated with local floral designers, incorporating each model's favorite flower into the sets. The synergy between fashion, color, and nature creates a stunning visual narrative, where each bloom becomes a reflection of the model's identity.

Our talented photographer, Theresa Bear, skillfully captures these moments, transforming them into a collection of frames that transcend traditional fashion photography. Every image tells a story of self-discovery, a celebration of individuality through the lens of color theory.

Immerse yourself in this editorial masterpiece, where fashion meets psychology, and each photograph is a window into the vibrant personalities of our models. This series, expertly styled and directed by me, is a celebration of the kaleidoscope of emotions and identities that color brings to life.

Photography-Theresa Bear

Art direction + Styling by Brehan Todd

Models- Ever, Kojo David Aidoo and Arthur Franklyn


Step into the vibrant world of shape and color in this editorial photoshoot.   The goal was to  seamlessly blend the boundaries of masculine and feminine styles against a backdrop of pop art colors. As the stylist and art director, I curated a visually stunning narrative that explores the dynamic interplay between traditional gender aesthetics in a modern context.

This captivating photoshoot delves into the artful juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity, creating a visual feast that challenges conventional norms. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of pop art hues, carefully orchestrated to complement and contrast the fluidity of gender expression in fashion.

Every frame is a carefully crafted exploration of style, color, and gender, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary fashion. As the visionary behind the scenes, I meticulously directed the shoot to capture the essence of this bold editorial, ensuring a seamless fusion of artistic expression and editorial flair.

 Explore the vivid tapestry of colors and styles, meticulously designed for impact, relevance, and a lasting impression. Discover a new dimension of fashion storytelling that transcends boundaries, beautifully optimized for your visual satisfaction.


Photography- Matt Caprotti 

Art direction + Styling, grooming by Brehan Todd

Model-Jamaul K Barnett